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Why I Choose to See a Psychotherapist

Do you think about going to counselling, but feel intimidated by talking with someone?

Do you think others will think you are “crazy” for going to counselling?

Does the term Psychotherapist make you say “are you psycho”?

There can still be a stigma around therapy even with all the talk about how important it is to support others through mental health challenges.

Why I chose therapy:

With that said I choose to see a psychotherapist to support my overall well-being.

When I began therapy, I really felt like I wanted to improve my life and myself. One way of achieving this was through counselling with a psychotherapist.

I felt there were things I could work on about my personality and coping skills, yet reading self-help books could only take me so far. Having a guide or coach on my side, helped to open new doors and hold my hand while I went through them has proven to be invaluable!

What actually happens in a therapy session anyways?

In my sessions with my psychotherapist, I found I was able to open up and discuss topics that I hadn’t discussed with anyone before. I felt a weight lift off me, allowing more freedom, and room for love to enter. Love of myself and of others. Judgment, self doubt, self-criticism were all reduced. Through the sessions, we discussed practical ways of making lasting changes that have shifted my perception. Often we would plan “homework” that would enhance what we had discussed, thereby helping to integrate a new behaviour or awareness during time between sessions.

In my sessions with the psychotherapist I see, there can be a component that goes beyond talk therapy which is experiential work that allows subconscious patterns to come into awareness so that core issues can be resolved. A way that this can be done is through guided meditation, or embodied exercises such as breath work and therapeutic movement. This has allowed me to reach my higher self or inner child and understand where feelings or habitual reactions have come from. Understanding the past helps to heal, and move forward into the future. There are many modalities available and I have experienced a few of them. All of these different tools and modalities have a place, depending on what we are working on.

At the end of each session, I have come away with a deepened insight into myself. This has provided me with a sense of peace and understanding. Developing compassion for myself allows me to be gentler on myself when I slip into past patterns. Now I can see what I am doing and catch myself, which is really neat! And when I do something in my new pattern of behaviour without thinking, I give myself a pat on the back!

Change can be challenging, but I like to look at it as an ongoing part of life. It will always be there, so embracing and enjoying it helps it to go more smoothly. “The only constant in life is change” - this is one of my favourite sayings and has helped remind me to move with change, whenever I have begun to feel resistance.

My favourite therapy tool that I use regularly:

One tool that I use often to prioritize my time is to change one word. Knowing that I “could” do something, instead of thinking that I “should” do something has given me the freedom of choice. This was very powerful for me!

· I choose to respond to events or people, rather than react.

· I choose to set healthy boundaries in my relationships, without feeling guilty.

· I choose to see myself and others through a loving, heart-centred lens with compassion, love and grace.

· I choose to step into my power of being responsible for my words and actions.

I am feeling more confident and have gained insight into how I communicate, deal with situations and problem solve, through my experience within therapy.

You don’t need to have crisis in your life to see a counsellor – in fact it’s often easier to do this deeper healing work when we’re in a stable place within our life!

You are the only one who can look after yourself.

You are worth the effort.

Show yourself some love and compassion and seek guidance for a more fulfilling, joyful human journey!

What intention motivated me to write this blog?

I wrote this blog because I wanted to share about my personal experience within therapy. I wanted to help breakdown any limiting thoughts you might have had about what therapy is or isn’t and who can go to therapy (which is anyone who is seeking more from life!). I am also so proud of Briar’s journey towards becoming a Psychotherapist and can see how much benefit can come from working with a great therapist. That all said – this is your journey and you need to find the right therapist to support you (we’re happy to refer to other professionals in the area if you’re looking for a different kind of therapy).

If you have any specific questions about my journey please let me know by posted in the comments below or reaching out (

Blessings on your journey,



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