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We're Changing Here at Awakening Wellness

We have some big news….the future of Awakening Wellness is changing as Briar and I have decided to no longer work in a partnership. With a variety of factors contributing to this decision from personal needs, professional growth rates, insurance details, and more it was a challenging decision to make AND one that feels right for both of us! We’ve decided that it’s what is best for both of us as professionals and for the future of Awakening Wellness to be led my Marcia. Briar will be operating all of her services under her own name and business.

Marcia and Briar Culbert sitting together and talking.

This means that our services continue and move forward, simply under different business names. This means that you are welcome to work with both of us for whatever stage of your healing journey you’re currently moving through. This means that we’re taking care of ourselves so that our businesses can help offer even greater care to you!

We’re very open to whatever the future might hold, including collaborative events and future options for Awakening Wellness. For now, we’re enjoying celebrating the successes and growth that we’ve experienced over these amazing two years! We’re noticing how much we’ve changed and developed. We’re noticing how wonderful, challenging, magical, and powerful it has been to work as a mother-daughter team.

Marcia and Briar Culbert smiling together.

We’re very open with you about how our journey as women, friends, mother-daughter, and business partners requires work. It requires open communication, dedication, and perseverance to enjoy all of the different layers we’ve created for ourselves. This decision to dissolve our business partnership definitely involves different emotions from grief, happiness, frustration, relief, and uncertainty, so we’re giving ourselves permission to feel these feelings. To work through them independently and together. To ensure that we’re serving our community by giving ourselves personal healing time to create the space necessary for this change!

We deeply appreciate your continued support. You are an important member of our Awakening Wellness family! We hope that you will continue to show the same support as Marcia guides Awakening Wellness forward and Briar offers her solo services. To connect with Briar’s new website follow this link, and to follow Briar’s new Instagram click here.

Again, our hearts are filled with so much gratitude for this space that Awakening Wellness has offered our community and us! Thank you for helping to create this magic!

With grateful hearts,

Marcia and Briar

Briar Culbert holding an apple on Marcia Culbert's head for a joke.

P.S. Thanks for the laughs and smiles too!


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