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The Second New Year...It's September!!!

Well – it’s that time of year again, September and the #backtoschool fever! Just take a moment right now to notice how the start of the fall season affects you…

Do certain emotions arise?

How does your body react and respond?

What thoughts are triggered when you think of September?

Maybe you’re feeling excitement or dread. Perhaps you’re thinking “my goodness what is happening to my time in 2018?!?” And maybe you’ve noticed your stomach tightening or shoulders rising? By becoming aware of these patterns within yourself you’re better able to take in the rest of this post.

Now based on your earlier responses, ask yourself…

What do I need to support myself during this season?

Maybe, all you needed was a check-in? (If that’s the case – well done! You can stop reading here ;) Otherwise, you need more support.

So here are some ideas for you to experiment with during this fall season:

  • Work with routine: By working with the fact that routines have become more present in your daily life, you’re accepting this fact and using it as a helpful tool. Spend some time reflecting and evaluating your current routines – do you have the time needed in your schedule for the activities you wish to complete? Perhaps you need to shift some things in your schedule to accommodate your top priorities.

  • Speaking of priorities…this fall season is a great time to check in with your priorities: Notice if you’re spending time, energy, and brain waves on things/people that actually MATTER to you. If not, adjust accordingly.

  • Holding yourself accountable: How can you help yourself navigate these changes and hold to these new routines? Maybe you tell your partner, friend, or therapist and ask for additional support?

  • Be gentle with yourself: I say this frequently with clients AND it’s so important for us to get this reminder of self-compassion and gentleness. Give yourself PERMISSION to be gentle during this time of change.

Overall, know that most of us experience a lot of change in September and the upcoming fall season so it’s okay for you to take care of yourself. You are allowed to say “no” to certain opportunities to ensure that you’re staying true to your priorities. And as always, ask for help when you need it.

Many blessings during this time of change,



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