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The Seasons of Self

Hi Wellness Warriors! We've been quiet for the last little while as we've been laying the groundwork for some behind the scenes pieces of Awakening Wellness. AND we've also been honouring the fall and winter seasons that we've been finding ourselves in.

You might be thinking, "What does that mean, it's not winter yet?!?"

Well, just like nature goes through four different seasons, each season having its own qualities, we as human beings can go through our own seasons. These different seasons can be experienced concurrently in different areas of our lives. For example, a summer season in your physical life might look and feel like you have a lot of energy and you're out exercising more. While at the same time you might be feeling very lacklustre within your work life and noticing that your productivity is slowing down, which could mean that your work life is experiencing a winter season. Again, we can experience different (even seemingly contradictory) seasons at the same time within different areas of our lives.

By using this lens of the "seasons of self" you're better able to identify and then honour how your life's rhythm is flowing at a given moment. You can begin to tune into different feelings and thought patterns that might coincide with each season so you can understand where you are. As you do this, then you can decide to make certain choices to honour these seasons you're experiencing.

Let's break these seasons of self down for a moment:

  • Spring Season of Self: the overall theme of spring is renewal and rebirth. This can symbolically show up as feelings of freshness, growth, curiosity, and learning. Your body might be feeling like it's come out of hibernation and is ready to move.

  • Summer Season of Self: the overall theme of summer is celebration and activity. Here you noticed a feeling of freedom and movement. Your body wants to play, dance, experience, and create.

  • Fall Season of Self: the overall theme of fall is harvesting and shedding the old. This can be experienced as feelings of gratitude and serious self-reflection, including releasing old thought patterns or belief systems.

  • Winter Season of Self: the overall theme of winter is quiet, rest and retreat. This might feel like a desire to withdraw and spend more alone time. You might notice tendencies towards reflection and contemplation and a slower pace overall.

Your invitation is to pause and reflect for a moment on the seasons you're currently experiencing in your life. You can draw the four seasons on a piece of paper and then write/draw the different areas of yourself and your life in the corresponding seasons. See the example below!

Example of seasons of self homework page.
Complete a Seasons of Self personal reflection for greater awareness.

Now the next invitation is to learn how to honour these seasons and your own rhythm. There are daily activities and responsibilities that we have chosen to commit to, so it's our opportunity to find creative ways to engage in honouring our seasons. For example, honouring your inner summer season while you're in the middle of a fall season at work, might include activities at home like dance parties, singing in the car, scheduling fun activities with friends - all done outside of work hours.

Again, the Seasons of Self becomes an empowering tool for you to connect more deeply with yourself and learn how to honour your whole self (your body, emotions, heart, mind, work, friendships, spirit, soul, and more!).

We hope that you find this helpful, and can add another tool to your self-care toolkit!

Briar and Marcia


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