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The 5 "W's" of Cleansing

Cleansing is such a hot topic these days. With spring around the corner, you see articles in magazines covering the topic. I thought I would share some of my thoughts from a Holistic Nutritionist’s lens.

Let’s start with the word cleansing. Often this term is used interchangeably with detox, yet they are two different processes. When looking at cleansing we are focusing on the elimination of toxins through the digestive system (stomach, intestines and colon).


Do you have symptoms of feeling tired, sluggish, headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, brain fog, skin breakouts, constipation, gas or bloating? You may not even realize these signs are actually the body trying to tell you it is unhappy. You have lived with many of these for years and explain it by saying, “this is just the way I am”, or “I am so busy, of course I’m tired!”

These days we are exposed to many chemicals, pollutants, medications and allergens; some we are aware of, while many others we are unaware of. Our body goes into overload trying to cope with all of these unhealthy substances.


Generally people look to cleanse in the spring. It goes along with “spring cleaning” and clearing out the winter cobwebs. It is a good time to look for a suitable program for you. Many cultures and religions include fasting and/or cleansing in the spring and fall. Twice a year is certainly a good goal!

When you are in tune with your body, you will see the signs and symptoms and know it is time for a tune-up.


With our busy, stressed lives and exposure to toxins, we can all benefit from a cleanse. There may be some health issues that need special consideration, and these can be taken into account.


This can easily be done at home with some planning and forethought. You can look at different ways to cleanse: i.e.: juicing, which would require a juicer, or to purchase pre-made juices. If this isn’t feasible, then pick things that fit into your life. We want to make this cleansing time as easy as possible to ensure maximum benefit to you!


The goal is to give our digestive tract a break from working so hard, and helping our bowels move out toxins efficiently.

Eliminating certain foods for a period of time gives our digestion a break. The main items to eliminate are dairy, eggs, gluten, corn, soy, refined sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol.

I know - I’ve just lost some of you!!

And you might be thinking “so what can I eat?!” Look at consuming more fresh produce. Shop the outer isles of the grocery store or better yet, support your local farmers market. Explore the world of vegetarian or vegan eating and whenever possible look for organic options, including meat.

There are different ways to work on this to make it successful for you. I am happy to work with you, to design a cleanse program that fits you, and your lifestyle. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have (

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