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Summer Produce...What's the Difference Anyways?!?

Organic farm's produce stand.

Summertime Abundance

We often hear all the terms of organic, low sprayed, non-GMO, and CSA’s. Do you wonder what all that means? Read on for a few answers!

To become a certified organic farm takes several years working with organizations that give that designation, as well as paying lots of money. Many farms will be organic and not certified. They take all the steps to be organic, and may find that the cost to become certified is too much to bear.

Some farms may just use minimal spray as needed on certain plants for pest control. That controls the amount of chemicals and doesn’t contaminate the whole crop or other crops nearby. Some farmers control pests manually, by looking at each plant and removing offenders - very time intense and very healthy for us!

Genetically modified foods are in the news constantly. Of course if you read articles about the effects on humans and animals using GMO foods always look at the source of the article and who is paying for the research. Often, you will find the nay-sayers are the ones making the large profits by selling GMO seeds. Be aware, be educated and make a choice that is right for you and your family.

CSA’s: have you heard that term? Are you a member of one? Community Share Agriculture, or CSA means that you buy shares of a farm and collect on those shares during the growing season by receiving the current crop of whatever the farmers are growing. Your payments are usually made in instalments over the winter and spring. Most growers have about a 20 week schedule, some go all year long. It is a great way to be introduced to new produce, try new recipes and get to know a local farmer and support them. We have belonged to Simpler Thyme on Highway 6 near Freelton. Anne, Bill and Charles are so supportive and helpful in recommending items and providing recipes too. They also have a regular market at the farm a few days a week. You can drop in and do your shopping right at the farm. They also offer maples syrup from their trees, eggs and other items.

We want to highlight a few of our area’s great resources for local, fresh, organic produce.

All our local towns and cities host markets, as well as several farms in our area. Watch for signs on the side of the road and stop in to see our local farmers hard at work.

We are blessed to live in an area where we can access this great food.

Get out and enjoy a local market over the summer and try some new foods! Share your experiences with us @awakeningwellness.

Different varieties of tomatoes for sale.


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