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Spring Cleansing - A Sample Protocol

As a follow-up to my last post answering the 5 “W’s” of Cleansing I’m now going to share a sample of a basic cleanse protocol to get your creative juices flowing (literally – we’ll be juicing!). Now it’s important to remember that this is ONE example and it’s often best to work together with your Holistic Nutritionist/Naturopathic Doctor to create an ideal protocol for your individual body and it’s health requirements.

So anytime you’re beginning a cleanse here are a few great tips to set you up for success:

• Begin at least 1-2 days prior to “lighten up” your diet with plenty of vegetables and leafy greens, minimize your consumption of diary/grains/caffeine/alcohol/protein, and drink lots of water.

• Set aside extra time for yourself during your cleanse – this is time to also cleanse your emotional self, your physical space, and your thoughts. So set-up the time around and during your cleanse with extra gaps for rest, reflection, and quality YOU time. I recommend choosing a weekend or a time when you’re not working so that you can rest if you feel the need.

• During the cleanse (and whenever possible!) reduce your body’s toxic load in other ways. For example: reduce your exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) by spending less time around your gadgets, choose organic produce and food, take therapeutic dose Epsom salt baths (4-5 cups of salt/bath), and engage in other self-care activities such as meditation, lymphatic drainage massage, and yoga.

Once you’ve completed your few days of preparation, then get your home, fridge and self ready for the actual cleanse! Here’s what I recommend for a three-day cleanse:

• First thing in the morning drink a warm cup of water with fresh lemon juice (juice from 1 half of an organic lemon).

• After waiting 30 minutes, begin by mindfully eating a fibre mixture of a ¼ cup of organic unsweetened applesauce (ensure that there are only apples in it!) and 2 TBL of freshly ground organic flaxseed. This way you ensure that your bowels are moving and functioning, which is IMPERATIVE during a cleanse so that everything you’re loosening up into your bloodstream can then be excreted.

• After another 30 minutes or so have your morning juice (sample recipe below).

• For lunch and dinner we recommend that you have another juice. Now when you’re consuming your juice, try making a chewing action with your teeth/jaw so that your salivary glands produce saliva to help you digest the juice.

• If you need to eat something, then have a plain salad with lots of fresh greens and high water-content veggies like cucumber and celery.

• Continue drinking water throughout the day. This helps the bowels move and keeps you feeling fuller. You can add cucumber, watermelon, lemon, limes or oranges to the water if you want some flavouring.

Continue with this routine until the fourth day and then as you transition out of your cleanse begin adding salads and light foods back into your diet, yet always remaining mindful of how your body is feeling. You ease back into full meals, complex carbohydrates, and proteins the same way you eased out of them prior to beginning the actual cleanse.

Some juice recipes to give a try:

• Beet (use the entire plant including the greens), carrots, ginger

• Apple, celery, pineapple, lemon

• Apple, cucumber, celery, parsley

Additional tips to be aware of during your cleanse:

• You might feel cleanse side-effect symptoms like tiredness, moodiness, and cravings. This can be a normal part of the process as your body is loosening all of its stored toxins from your fat tissues and cells into your bloodstream to be removed. There’s a lot going on inside of your body at the cellular and molecular level so be kind to your body during this process.

• Be gentle with yourself! Give yourself permission to take this time to slow your rhythm down (even slightly) to reconnect, centre yourself, and set new intentions for the next season in your life.

For any questions email Marcia directly ( or leave them in the comments below. To book your initial consultation with Marcia or to collaborate on a personalized cleansing plan click here.

I hope that you enjoy this exercise and take time-out to care for yourself,



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