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Mental Health Spring-Cleaning – What Thought Patterns Need to Go?

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Spring is a time of freshness, new life, and blossoms. This is the time for us to reflect upon our winter’s journey of solitude, and hibernation. Here we begin to feel the stirrings of growth and light. As this occurs, we might feel the urge to get outside more, to start filling up our social calendar, and to even clean our homes to bring in more light and fresh air. So let’s take this time to also reflect upon our thought patterns in this same light and freshness that springtime can offer.

Pause for a moment here to reflect upon any repetitive thoughts that occur for you often. Pause to notice if there are any general themes in your thoughts (i.e. money, health, relationships, work, adventure, etc.).

Really – pause here. As you pause to identify these repetitive thoughts and general themes, begin to ask yourself how these thoughts are working for you and where these thoughts might be blocking your growth? Bring curiosity and openness to your thoughts. If judgment starts to come in then simply allow it to be present, yet turn your focus back to curiosity and openness.

As you reflect upon your thoughts in this way see if there is room for a change. Notice if any part of you is craving something different. Perhaps say aloud to yourself the following Louise Hay affirmation...”I am willing to change. I am willing to change. I am willing to change.” This brings in that openness and curiosity that I mentioned above. Here you’re able to start bringing change into your awareness in an easy way.

As you repeat this affirmation to yourself, begin reflecting upon the following questions (hint – this would be a great time to break out your journal and let the words flow!):

· In what ways am I feeling drawn to change my thought patterns?

· What general themes would I like my thoughts to gravitate towards more often (for example: love, self-care, health, abundance, prayer, etc.)?

· How I am prepared to change? Be honest with this one – are you really ready to shift this thought or attitude? If you were to shift a thought pattern then what might you be giving up (ex. comfort, a sense of security etc.)? Are you prepared to give this up for the opportunity of growth?

As you get real with yourself here take the time you need. Maybe this is a process that takes you a week. Maybe it takes longer.

Then eventually when you feel ready to commit to this change in your thoughts begin experimenting with these ideas to assist your change:

· Commit to a daily practice which will help align your thoughts to these new patterns, such as prayer, journaling, meditation (even five minutes of these practices can be a huge shift!).

· Create a piece (or pieces) of art, which represent these new thoughts you are focusing upon, such as a painting, word art, or a sketch. Display this art in a prominent piece to remind your daily of your choice to bring in new thoughts.

· Hang helpful affirmations in your home to help bring your thoughts back to these new conscious patterns, for example if you’re focusing more upon abundance then try something like, “I am fully supported by the Universe.” and if you’re focusing new thought energy on health try this, “I live in a healthy body full of energy and vitality”. Get creative with this affirmations and choose specific words which will act as reminders for you.

As you make these changes in your thought patterns keep that attitude of openness and curiosity as best as you can. You are literally rewiring neuronal patterns in your brain by committing to this change so remain consistent in your changes.

If you require additional support begin researching more about the area you wish to focus upon. Perhaps it’s time to book a counselling session with me for greater guidance in this process of shifting your thought patterns. However you choose to commit to your mental health spring-cleaning, know that you are taking a courageous step!

Yours in change,


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