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Let's Focus on Resiliency!


This word keeps playing out in my mind and just wants to be shared with you!

To me resiliency is my ability to continue navigating the many waves of life, business, relationships, health, and myself. Resiliency speaks to my ability to preserve, focusing on the bigger picture of life when perhaps the daily tasks seem too challenging. Resiliency connects me to my Wise Self – the part of me that asks “Briar, will this matter in 5 years?” and “How do you want to live your life?” Resiliency reminds me that I am powerful and that my power is always there.

Pause for a moment and see what resiliency means for you.

Resiliency became a part of my vocabulary after reading more of Brene Brown’s work. She shares that resiliency is related to a “tolerance for discomfort”. It’s understanding that uncomfortable experiences WILL occur and that we can engage with our discomfort to navigate through these experiences.

This is what I help clients understand. I remind folks that discomfort is not necessarily bad – in fact, it usually leads us to some pretty amazing places! I help clients remember that living an engaged and full life means learning how to become more resilient. It means harnessing your inner courage to navigate the discomfort.

We all have this courage.

We’ve all been in challenging and uncomfortable places and somehow we’ve navigated through these experiences.

Now you can start reflecting upon your discomfort and noticing how you already tap into your resiliency. Perhaps this word can start empowering you to remain engaged with your life.

Here’s another important note: as I remind you of this ability that you have to remain engaged your life…I invite you to remain resilient through life’s lows AND highs. Sometimes our successes, joys, and happiness can be just as challenging for us to stay with. So this invitation to become a more resilient person invites you to engage with ALL of life.

Become aware of where you feel discomfort. Focus on your courage and resiliency. Remember that you also have a Wise Self who sees the bigger picture in your life journey.

You are resilient!

I honour the courage within you,



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