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Gratitude is the Name of the Game

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

With our return from traveling, we both have so much we’re feeling thankful for! And it comes at such a perfect time when everyone is already calling to mind a feeling of gratitude this Thanksgiving weekend.

Now I’m sure that you’ve heard of gratitude before and heard the benefits that can come from leading a grateful life – yet sometimes this idea can stay stuck in the thinking phase and lack the execution. So here are a few real and grounded ideas for you to experiment with during this bountiful time of year, to see what feels right for you to authentically express a feeling a gratitude...

  • Morning gratitude breathing: during this practice you take a time out when you first wake up to pause and breathe deeply for a few moments (yes – it can really be as simple as a few deep breaths!). Here you can call to mind some of the simple realities within your life that you feel thankful for (ex. breath, your physical body’s health, your awareness of yourself, your commitment to living your life with conscious awareness, etc.).

  • A gratitude journal: this practice can be introduced at the end of the day as a way to reflect upon 5 things from your day that you would like to send some conscious gratitude brainwaves to. This can also be an awesome practice to include others in – whether you’re sharing a meal with your family, friends, or your pet, take some time to vocalize your 5 moments of gratitude from your day, to make it even more powerful.

  • Set a reminder on your phone: by setting a daily reminder on your phone’s calendar with a reminder alert you can help yourself take a gratitude moment. This can be a really easy way to also deepen your daily mindfulness practice as you take breaks during the day for even one deep and full breath.

  • Mirror work: this is a way to reflect back to yourself just how awesome you are! And if that’s a challenge then use this as a time to sit with the challenge, breath through it, and simply become aware. During this practice you muster up as much self-compassion as possible (and maybe some courage!), you look yourself in the eyes using a mirror, and you tell yourself what your grateful for about yourself. For example, while looking in your eyes you might say, “Today I am grateful for how I handled that situation with my co-worker. I’m really proud of the choices I made during that interaction.”

  • A gratitude jar: this is an awesome opportunity to include your creativity and connect with your Inner Child. Here you decorate a beautiful jar and then you get to write little messages of gratitude in it whenever the mood strikes (maybe even committing to this once daily). And then whenever you might need a pick me up or on a routine basis, you can read through them and feel your spirit lighten up with all of the opportunities for gratefulness in your life.

I believe that the most important thing during this time of reflection is to ensure that it feels right to you! You must feel truthful whenever you commit to a practice. So have fun with these exercises and pay attention to whatever feels right for you on that particular day.

Blessings during this beautiful harvest time and I pray gratitude for all of the love and light in each of your lives! Both Marcia and I also extend a special message of gratitude for all of your love and support for each of us personally and for the continued growth of Awakening Wellness.



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