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Updated: Mar 6, 2018

As fall really settles in, taking time to care for our body is so important! We can help ensure that we enter this season with vitality and health through a variety of helpful practices. We can: keep our supplements strong (vitamins C and D, and probiotics for gut health), modify our sleep schedule as needed, maintain our mindfulness practices, and use essential oils for additional support.

Here are some of our favourite essential oils for the fall season:

  • Cedarwood: for grounding and root chakra support during this season of change (place on the bottoms of your feet).

  • Thieves: additional immune support and to enhance our protection boundaries (wear on your lava bead bracelet). The Thieves product line also includes soap, hand sanitizer and toothpaste!

  • Lavender: generally used for relaxation. It is an adaptogen, meaning it will adapt to what you need, aiding in stress relief and balance (use lavender any which way!).

  • Tea Tree: for additional support against germs and bacteria (use in your diffuser to help cleanse your air space).

  • Peppermint: for energy, during the waning daylight hours (when mixed with a carrier oil, rub into your neck and upper chest).

Now some of you might be wondering how to use these are 3 easy ways to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine:

  1. through the use of a diffuser

  2. applying topically in a diluted carrier oil

  3. by wearing a bracelet that has a lava bead on it which can absorb the essential oil. These bracelets will be for sale at our Handmade Market - yay!

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when using these beautiful oils:

  • Ensure that you have a high quality diffuser to maintain the integrity of the oils.

  • We enjoy using coconut oil, almond oil, or avocado oil as carrier oils for the essential oils. You can place a small amount of the carrier oil in your palm then place 1-2 drops of the essential oil. Rub your palms together and spread the oil mixture on your skin.

  • Enjoy a lava bead bracelet that also has additional crystal/gemstone beads for their emotional and energetic properties (ex. rose quartz beads for heart support).

  • Always purchase and enjoy high-quality oils!! This is so important when you're applying the oils topically.

  • As always, check that you aren't allergic to any product, and follow the label instructions.

If you have any specific questions about how to use essential oils feel free to contact Marcia at

Happy Fall Days, Marcia and Briar


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