Marcia's  Story

Marcia and Briar Culbert

My  journey began...


My  journey to wellness and greater health really began when I decided to take control of my health after years of digestive issues.  After working with a Holistic Nutritionist and making lifestyle changes, I began my Holistic Nutrition training at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2010. Through a  thirst for knowledge I am continually researching, creating new connections, and forging a new that has led me to greater fulfillment, energy, and health. 


My emotional and spiritual journey expanded with my daughter, Briar becoming a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying). I welcome you to explore her bio on this site as well as her own. 

It's now with a grateful heart and passionate mind that I offer a  variety of options for my clients and community. Combining with my daughter, Briar, we love supporting you in a variety of ways - from nutritional support, to mindfulness training, and emotional counselling - on your continued journey towards greater holistic wellness!

Come along for the ride!

Briar's Specialties
Building deeper connections
Enhanced emotional expression
Discovering your unique spiritual journey
Greater vitality and passion
Supporting life transitions
Marcia's Specialties


Digestive wellness

Alternative food plans

Supporting mind-body connection

Family-friendly cooking

Women's health